Climate Committee members are heading into a long weekend of the negotiations about the carbon price tomorrow and the polluters are up to the their usual tricks putting claims on carbon price money that could otherwise be going into renewable energy.

With hundreds of people heading out doorknocking as part of the National Doorknock to Unlock Clean Energy tomorrow, its important our activity is as visible to these decision makers as possible.

If you are out doorknocking tommorrow can you please take 2minutes to write a short email to the MPCCC members telling them that you are doorknocking to talk to fellow Australians about the need for the carbon price to deliver for renewables and not the big polluters - and why you are

Emails are:

Greg Combet - Email: greg [dot] combet [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Mr. Tony Windsor MP  - Tony [dot] Windsor [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Mr. Rob Oakeshott MP- robert [dot] oakeshott [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au
PM Julia Gillard Please fill in this email form ‐‐your‐pm
Treasurer Wayne Swan - Wayne [dot] Swan [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Senator Christine Milne - Email: senator [dot] milneataph [dot] gov [dot] au" target="_blank">senator [dot] milneataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Senator Bob Brown - senator [dot] bob [dot] brownataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Parl Sec Mark Dreyfus - isaacsatmarkdreyfus [dot] com
Mr. Adam Bandt - adam [dot] bandt [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au

In your email tell them who you are, where you are going out doorknocking and why you are going out. You may also want to mention you support the proposal currently on the table for carbon price revenue to be in re-invested back into renewable energy

Please BCC in infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au when you send these emails

Christine Milne told us last weekend that our collective voices were starting to be heard - so two minutes of your time will increase the impact of your doorknocking and help strengthen in the weekend's negotiations!


PS. Emails throughout the weekend will definately be read so whether its today, Satruday or Sunday - tell the Climate Committee what you are up to. Don't forget to CC in your local member too!


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