Last Wednesday I found myself busily searching for an an internet cafe on Collins St, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

I needed one with a printer with which I could print off a copy of the 14,000 conversations report to take to my meeting with Mr Matt Zema, the CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). AEMO is the organisation that will be carrying out the modelling of a 100% renewable energy grid as per the recent carbon price agreement, and I was heading along to ask some questions about how they planned to approach the work. I also wanted to give Mr Zema a sense of the community support for renewable energy - and the striking statistic contained within our report that showed 86% of people we spoke to thought that Australia should develop a plan for 100% renewable energy.

After finding a printer in the back corner of a King Street convenience store, I hastily printed the report off and headed up the lifts to Level 21 of 350 Collins St- and into the meeting with Mr Zema.

Mr Zema and I proceeded to have a very friendly conversation in which we discussed the nature of the task ahead of them. It turns out Mr Zema is asking many of the same questions about how they will approach the work as we are.

AEMO already models a range of scenarios for meeting future energy demand every two years in their National Transmission Network Development Plan. Now they are needing to think about how they can adapt their scenario work to consider what it would take to run the grid entirely on renewable energy.

What time frames will they work with? What technologies will they assume reach commercialization when? What will be the role of fossil fuels like gas in that transition? What would be the mix of different renewable technologies in a 100% renewable grid? And how to project the costs of different technologies over time?

Of course groups like Beyond Zero Emissions have done mountains of work considering these questions and will no doubt be sharing their experience with AEMO staff.

In the meantime, we were pleased to be able to share with Mr Zema information on community expectations around the need for Australia to shift to renewable energy. And we're looking forward to an ongoing dialogue with him and his staff as they start on this important work.

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