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83% of Castlemaine residents say Australia should develop a plan for 100% renewable energy.

Volunteers from the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group hit the streets in Castlemaine and spoke to over 200 local residents.

Survey results showPeople of Castlemaine gather to show support for 100% renewable energyPeople of Castlemaine gather to show support for 100% renewable energyed that 95% of residents said that they didn’t think that Australia was currently doing enough to promote the development of clean renewable energy like wind and solar. 96% said that creating clean energy jobs should be a priority for the government this year.

Over 86% of survey respondents also said Australia should develop a plan to move to 100% renewable energy.

MASG volunteer Naomi Raftery said “At first I was a little nervous at the thought of approaching people in the street, but I think this issue is so important that I just had to do it. People were very grateful and supportive of what we are doing so that made it all worthwhile.”

MASG also made available information from the Beyond Zero Emissions report that shows that it is technically possible and financially affordable to make Australia wholly powered by the sun, wind and waves within a decade at a cost of $8 per household per week. See the whole report at:

The results of the Castlemaine survey will be taken to local member Steve Gibbons and other election candidates at a Meet the Candidates Forum MASG is running this Wednesday the 11th.

The forum is being run in partnership with the local Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Christ Churches. For more details on that event to to

MASG members are going to start doorknocking Castlemaine asking residents about renewable energy starting this weekend. We were so inspired by what other groups are doing in doorknocking that we are going to give it a go too. We'll let you know how we get on!

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