Sean, my daughter Tully and I decided to get out in the public and so we turned up bright and early to the monthly Wauchope Farmers Market.  We had a lovely morning meeting folk and sharing time chatting about about renewable energy, pricing carbon and the politics of the moment. We had a board set up in a strategic spot with all of the 100% campaign pics, ACF's map of Oz and its amazing renewable potential and our survey stuff.

To my delight, our local member Rob Oakeshott walked over (with a great looking family sized casserole in his arms) as he recognised me (eating my spinach quiche).  We put down the tucker, shook hands and proceeded to chat about the status quo of the carbon price framework just announced, the essential role for renewable energy, the 100% campaign, the political obstacles, the inside goss on Tony and Julia.

I also asked him if he'd be happy to table the survey results in parliament when the 20,000 results are completed around Australia - to my delight he said "of course!".

This 15 minute one on one, with one of the most influential climate action advocates in the country, happened because we were out there in the public eye, just as Oakeshott was.  This realisation, that we do have the same agenda - and that we need to get out and talk to people - is very powerful!

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2 comments on "Day 1 of the official 100% survey campaign in the Hastings Valley"

Andrew Bray's picture
Andrew Bray said on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 09:54:
Great work, Steve. It's great for our MPs to see us out there talking to their constituents. For someone supportive of renewable energy like Rob Oakeshott, he knows we're working in the same direction and increasing his support. For MPs who feel inclined to support renewables but are hiding behind a party line, it shows that there's a greater cost in votes for them not to show their hand. Keep up the great work, Hastings!
Gregory Olsen's picture
Gregory Olsen said on Wed, 02/03/2011 - 22:16:
Wow!! Excellent news!! I feel that we need to make our support for renewable energy to the members of the MPCCC members.