Posted by Andrew Bray

An upcoming review of the Renewable Energy Target hasn’t even kicked off but already there’s a stampede of people lining up to say how much they love it.

A self-interested but very well organised campaign by Origin's Grant King to water down the RET has gotten voices from all over joining with Joni Mitchell in singing “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Here’s the Clean Energy Council coming out swinging, showing that Grant King no longer speaks for the renewable energy industry – just in case there was any doubt.

Here’s the REC Agents Association, the ones who handle the renewable energy certificates, explaining how the RET has already delivered over $10 billion of investment in renewables.

Here’s one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies, Pacific Hydro, arguing that that it delivers certainty just as it is and here’s the Australian Conservation Foundation, showing how following Grant King's formula will deprive us of one large-scale renewable power plant every year until 2020.

Its certainly a welcome development to see so many industry and other voices speaking so clearly and united.

The RET is notable in this divided political climate for being one of the few areas of bipartisan agreement and so far politicians on both sides are standing firm. Even Tony Abbott understands the popularity of renewable energy and hasn’t been tempted to retreat from his support for the RET.

For our part, with electricity demand falling and renewables coming down dramatically in price, we think there’s a strong case to be made to expand the RET much further than the 20% by 2020 it currently aims for.

There’ll definitely be more to come…

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