Sue Cooke talking to a colleagueI’ve been making lots of calls to people involved in the 100% campaign in the last few weeks. My favourite one left me oddly buzzing, and walking rapidly around the room, saying to myself - "how fantastic!" It’s the experience of discovering shared interests that floors me every time.

(Actually, calling people I don’t know makes me nervous – which I suspect is common - so I tend to prepare myself for negative experiences. Even though they never happen!)

This call was to a young woman who was immediately happy to hear about how the 100% Renewables campaign was going. She told me she was about to start her PhD in a climate change field at one of our Brisbane unis.  She had also just come home from a year studying in Sweden at one of the leading universities and had experienced the amazing boom in renewable energy and sustainability interest in Europe.

She had read the "5 reasons not to miss the 100% Boot Camp" email and had been quite interested, but not taken it any further....  She hadn't been connected to any groups or campaigns, so we were able to talk about the successes of the 100% Campaign last year and the great group of students who are active on climate at her uni.

As we talked she got excited and decided she wanted to come to the Boot Camp. It was a great conversation - Brisbane is a bit of a small town still - so I was also able to link her up to a great group of students with similar interests across a range of content areas.

The unfortunate postscript is that she later had to ring back and say she couldn't come for unrelated personal reasons. We'll be speaking again though, and I feel sure she's going to contribute a lot to the big solar campaign in 2012.

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