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Marn walkingWell, after sitting a team of fossil fuel execs down in a room together for a year or two, Energy and Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson has a produced a plan for Australia's energy future that guessed it, more fossil fuels. Gas, gas, gas! to be precise, with an option to go nuclear in the long term.

Somehow, discussion of our energy future shunts renewablesoff to play in a corner while the big boys get on with the job of continuing pollution-as-usual. 

Putting the dirty into Clean Energy Future.

Here's our release to the media about it:


Ferguson plan locks Australia into high power prices forever, says community campaign

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The 100% Renewable Community Campaign has strongly condemned the Energy White Paper, released today by Energy and Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, as a backward looking document that ignores the benefits of renewable energy and locks Australia into a future of ever continuing power price rises. 

“The White Paper is a document for the last century, unable to see that the world is investing strongly in renewables and that we will be left behind,” said Andrew Bray, spokesperson for the 100% Renewable community campaign. 

“What Mr Ferguson has released today is a gas plan for australia. Gas is no solution to our long term energy needs.

“In Australia, gas means coal seam gas. Coal seam gas is a danger to our precious farmland and is no better than coal in terms of emissions.

“Tying ourselves to gas also exposes Australian consumers to high international gas prices at the power point, just the way we are now at the petrol pump.

“A massive investment in renewable energy is essential for Australia.

“If Australia wants low cost, zero carbon energy we need to invest strongly in renewables like solar and wind now to achieve the benefits of technologies that get cheaper the more you build.

100% Renewable is calling for 2000MW of big solar plants to be built through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation by 2015.  

"Big Solar is proven and commercially available in US and ready to build now in Australia, the sunniest continent on earth but the White Paper is too stuck in the energy sources of the past to see this.

“It’s no surprise that this committee, stacked as it is with fossil fuel interests, would come up with such a narrow document. It’s time we had people deciding our energy future who aren’t there to protect their own interests in coal and gas.

“We call on Australians to tell Mr Ferguson that we expect much better than this. 

MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Andrew Bray, 0421 379 646

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