Our Regional Organisers have been checking in with groups around the country, and in doing so, we’ve discovered that the campaign survey is going gangbusters! With preliminary survey results due pretty soon (in the next week or two), groups have been reporting that the survey is a really flexible tactic, and something that they’ve been able to easily incorporate into existing events and activities.

Most groups are using it as a community engagement tool on their regular street stalls, and at other community events that they attend, and a number of groups have also taken it doorknocking, using it as a way of starting a local community conversation about renewable energy and positive solutions, and putting these issues back on the agenda, one household at a time.

For example, BREAZE in Ballarat found that residents they spoke to were “honestly grateful to know that we were out in the community carrying on with such work”, meeting many residents who hadn't given a lot of thought to the origin of their electricity before. Mel from BREAZE reports that “the survey certainly set the cogs ticking into action - you could see the ah-ha moment happen right in front of your eyes!”

In Sydney, Climate Action Newtown are almost regulars at doorknocking, having done so on a couple of weekends now. We’re now pooling together as many friends and supporters as we can to go doorknocking this coming Saturday, with over 30 people coming to fan out across Newtown, using the survey as a great way of opening the conversation, engaging residents with the issues, and making opportunities for them to get involved. 

Your's truly at the door!Your's truly at the door!It has to be said that at my first doorknocking afternoon with CAN, I was a bit anxious that it would be quite confronting to talk to people in this way, but I needn’t have worried - door after door yielded friendly and concerned citizens, with overwhelming support for what we were doing. Our surveying that day found that 85% of residents thought the government was not doing enough to tackle climate change, and 92% of people thought Australia should develop a plan to move to 100% renewable energy! And as you can see from the video link below, it was fun as well as constructive.

What’s next is to compile the survey results, and send them into the campaign organisers to provide us all with a useful snapshot of what Australians. My local group have already used the Media Release template available in the Resource Centre to gain some media coverage of these issues, and we’re now arranging to take the results directly to our local MP, Anthony Albanese and the other election candidates, to ask them to respond directly to what the local constituents have said. We'll then report each candidates comments back to the people we've doorknocked, which is such a powerful way for us to make sure our leaders are listening, and held accountable in this election year.

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