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I go door knocking with my confidence a little dented after Stephen, noticing my unusually neat appearance, comments I look a bit Mormonish. Stephen is casually dressed in shorts and a freshly ironed 100% t-shirt. Hmmm, perhaps the dark slacks, dark green shirt and wide brimmed white hat with paisley ribbon is, well, not so much Mormonish as Texan-Cowboy-Goes-to-the-Beach. Oh well, too late to change and anyway I really like that hat, it often brings me luck.

Its hot when Stephen, Nicole and I set out down the street doing our intricate 3 step dance in and out Jim the cowboy-meets-beach doorknockerof the houses. We’ve been out for a while and were catching up on progress. Nicole who is door-knocking for the first time is getting lots of surveys filled in. Steve and I are doing OK but not quite as well and I am having trouble understanding why it is easier to fill in a survey for a tall, intelligent, attractive 24 year old woman than a couple of 50 year old blokes.

While I am pondering the unfairness of the world I come to my next address a large block of 1970s cream brick marooned in a sea of white hot concrete. I walk into the tall units on either side forming a narrow canyon. High above me my only connection with the natural world is the small rectangle of cloudless blue sky; the only sounds traffic on the highway and the whir-thrum of air conditioners.

The place feels abandoned but when I knock there are few people at home. I am at my last unit. No car though through the screen I can see the front door is open. There’s a bit of shade and for once there’s no aircon rattling and wheezing in the blinded eye of a whited out window.

I knock and when a slight, flt looking man about my age cones to the door I give my spiel. He cheerfully answers my questions, his name is Frank he tells me, he rides his bike to work on the other side of town, wants to find out more, wants to join our climate action group CROW! Just then I knew we were winning already. No other campaign is doing what we do. Every time we go out we are building numbers, building power having the conversations.

I smile, lightly touch the the brim of my hat and ask if he would like to come surveying. Frank would be very happy to help.

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2 comments on "Making ground in Wagga Wagga"

Jo Spangaro's picture
Jo Spangaro said on Thu, 24/03/2011 - 21:27:
Okay, thats it. Im sold. Ill go door knocking. Anything is better than watching the scary crowd tony abbott summoned to canberra
Lydia Andrews's picture
Lydia Andrews said on Sat, 19/03/2011 - 10:31:
I love the way you write, Jim - so simple yet so evocative and comedic. Great work with the doorknocking too :)