MEDIA RELEASE: Government backs renewable energy target, Abbott needs to follow 

National renewable energy campaign 100% Renewable has today welcomed the governments announcement to accept the findings of the Climate Change Authority's Renewable Energy Review, and  called on the Coalition to follow suit.  
"The Climate Change Authority conducted an extensive and thorough review into the operation of the Renewable Energy Target" said National Director Lindsay Soutar. "Bernie Fraser and his team came out with a ringing endorsement of the target which has helped 1.5 million Aussies put solar on their rooftops and is driving thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector." 
"We welcome the Federal government's announcement today restating it's support for the RET. However, today's news does raise big questions over why the Coalition is not doing the same" said Ms Soutar. 
"Greg Hunt's announcement yesterday of yet another review - only 3 months after the last was completed - suggests the Coalition wants to tie up the renewable energy industry in never ending delays.  Why they are choosing to ignore Mr Fraser and his expert team on the benefits of the fixed target is perplexing."
"Together with the carbon price the Renewable Energy Target has helped see carbon emissions drop by 8.6 per cent, 3000MW of coal generation shut down, and coal generation is now at its lowest levels in percentage terms since the creation of the National Electricity Market."
"It's time to be accelerating this success by expanding the target, rather than trying to cut it. If the fixed gigawatt target achieves more than 20% of it's original goal for no extra cost that's a great outcome. Australian communities who love wind and solar will welcome that outcome. 
"While the RET has helped millions of Aussies take control of their energy bills by installing solar, there are still millions more who want to do the same" 
"If Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt press ahead with yet another review, it will leave the community with no choice but to believe the Coalition has no desire to see Australia make use of its abundant wind and solar resources - and no desire to get behind the only source of power whose costs are coming down" 
"The 100 local community groups involved in the 100% Renewable campaign will be working in this election to make sure all members of the public know how all political parties are - and are not - supporting renewable energy" 
Lindsay Soutar, National Director, 100% Renewable - 0411 098 853
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