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The Prime Minister is serving Australians well by identifying rising network costs as the major driver of power prices, but has missed a major piece of the debate says renewable energy organisation, 100% Renewable. 

“Citizens around Australia will be pleased to hear the Prime Minister starting to ask questions about the real drivers of power price rises” said Lindsay Soutar, 100% Renewable National Coordinator.

“But in painting solar power as only accessible to the rich, Gillard is neglecting to recognise that her own policies are already playing a crucial role in helping hundreds of thousands of low and middle income Australians manage their energy bills.”

“A quick glance of the highest solar installation postcodes shows that far from being the richest Australians, it is low and middle income households who are racing to take power back into their own hands.

“This solar power boom has driven down prices making solar power more affordable than ever.

“There are already 1 million solar households, and 4 million solar citizens, who live in a solar home.

“This is a massive success story that the government doesn’t seem to want to own or tell.

Solar plans that require consumers to pay nothing up front are now being made available on the back of sharply falling prices.

Solar installation figures from the Clean Energy Council show that the most popular areas for solar are places like Dubbo, Caloundra, Bribie Island and Caroline Springs.

“Accelerating this shift that the solar citizens have already started and helping every Australian to access solar power and manage energy bills should be a top priority for the Prime Minister from here on.” concluded Ms Soutar.

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