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It’s a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon in Castlemaine and we are ready to go out doorknocking for the 100% renewables campaign. I am nervous, I always am until I’ve had a few doors under my belt, but Ian is his usual implacable calm self.

We are also going out with two new doorknockers today, Lucy and Barb. Neither has done this before, and after a quick briefing ( and a change into resplendent red 100% T Shirts) both are keen to just get on with it and see what happens.

We are trying a Sunday afternoon to see if more people are home, and boy did we hit the jackpot. For the first 1 ½ hours every door we knocked on has someone at home. They seem to preface answering the door with, “ok I’ll do the survey but I’m in a hurry so as long as it doesn’t take long”…and after 2 questions they are off and chatting. Its hard to get away in under 15 minutes….not good if you want to get as many surveys done as possible, but great for really engaging with people. Listening to what they know, what they want to know and what rubbish they know they are being fed and suspect as lies but don’t know where to get real information and alternative viewpoints.

That is how we are winning. We are having direct conversations with people, as volunteers, as members of their community. People give us more time and we listen to their concerns and they hear our message. It’s something that can’t be paid for in cash for comment on 2GB or the daily tabloids and TV infotainment. Its real, it’s personal and it’s a privilege to be a part of this.

When we get back together we have surveyed 40 people. Lucy recruited one lady to join us next time. We have a good laugh over the funniest doorknocking story of the day and vow we will be back …..with at least one friend each next time!

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