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Over the last few weeks in Castlemaine we have had a stall on Saturday mornings distributing the Beyond Zero Emission reports on 100% by 2020 and using the 100 % Renewable Energy survey to talk to people about the issue.

We have surveyed over 200 people, and the feedback is enormously favourable.....but the real payoff is the goodwill generated to our group and the issue. Loads of people are grateful that we are out keeping climate change and renewable energy in the public spotlight and find the information from BZE and our survey inspiring and exciting.

We have had lots of people wanting us to contact them and let them know more about the campaign, so it has been great to get new people involved.

I reckon its a winner, so take up the survey and let people know that people care, there is something they can do & 100% renewable energy is possible.

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