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Sue Cooke talking to a colleagueI’ve been making lots of calls to people involved in the 100% campaign in the last few weeks. My favourite one left me oddly buzzing, and walking rapidly around the room, saying to myself - "how fantastic!" It’s the experience of discovering shared interests that floors me every time.

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At last - the numbers add up, the comments are all typed in, and we are sending off our last batch of St John's Wood Sustainability 'conversation' results, before the results are tallied up to present to various politicians.

It's been a great experience for our group over the past months - doorknocking the suburb was sometimes excruciating, but oh so educational.  Everyone should do it! We've had, and started, a lot of conversations that would not otherwise have happened.

Time for a soak in the bath, and maybe a nice glass of red wine...

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