Today, we're excitedly heading to Canberra to present a Report on 14,000 Renewable Energy Conversations - conversations held by thousands of you in every corner of the country over the last four months - to the members of the Multi-party Climate Change Committee.

We'll be at the Senate Courtyard at Parliament House from 1.15pm to present the Report, which documents over 14,000 face-to-face conversations about renewable energy and shows overwhelming support for renewable energy among ordinary Australians.



The full report is available for download here.

We'll be calling for the MPCCC members to allocate significant carbon price revenue to driving investment in new renewable energy projects, in addition to household compensation.

During those 14,000 conversations, we also received some 4,200 messages that residents asked us to pass on to thier elected representatives - you can read them here (as you'll see, the message most often heard is "Get on with it!").

Keep your eye on twitter, this website and the news for more!

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