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Hi it’s Dean from the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group in Castlemaine. My son Ronan and I were on regional Win TV on Monday June 22nd talking about the need for a National Feed in Tariff. We were asked to comment on the RET, or Renewable Energy Target, and what the amendments would mean for renewable energy in our area.

We praised the reforms and said that they were good because at least now there would be more certainty for wind energy. We also pointed out that we wanted to have a 100 % renewable energy system for Australia and talked about how that would look in our town.

We talked about our superannuation being invested in local solar thermal plants and the roof of our local supermarket being covered in solar PV panels. We said that the RET was first step but it wouldn’t be enough to see that kind of change. We pointed out that in Germany ¼ of a million jobs were created by a feed in tariff and that is what we wanted to see in Australia.

I guess what I learnt from this interview was that local media, even TV, wanted to hear what local climate groups thought about issues, that praising good policies or amendments is important to encourage government to do more, but that the media and people want to hear about what the step is next, and what a better world based on 100 percent Renewables would look like in their town.

So I would encourage your group to ring up or write to your local TV or paper and tell them what you think about the RET and what is needed next.

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Emily said on Wed, 23/06/2010 - 15:12:
Yay! That's awesome news Dean! How did you get on tv so quickly? Amazing.