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Dear MPCCC member,

I am a father of 3 young boys and after taking my oldest son Ronan to his soccer game on Saturday morning I will be heading out with 10 other members of my community group, the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, doorknocking my town of Castlemaine.

I and members of our group have been doorknocking and talking to people in street stalls now for 2 months about the need for more government support for renewable energy and putting a price on pollution. In this time we have had conversations with hundreds of people.

I do this because I want to see more government support for renewable energy and I support putting a price on pollution and I wish to talk directly to people to tell them why I think this is important and to hear what they think.

From these conversations I know that people want to see more support for renewable energy, but I also hear their fears around the “carbon tax”.

The vast majority of those I speak to who express concerns over the “carbon tax” relax and have a much more positive opinion of it when I have the  chance to correct much of the misinformation that their fears and based on and point out how the revenue from the pollution price could be used to support new investment in renewable energy.

If I am to continue to talk to people in my town about the need for the carbon price then you need to deliver for renewables and not give the revenue back to the big polluters.

Good luck with your talks this weekend and I look forward to hearing that you have decided to give renewable energy significant support as part of the pollution price package.

Then I will have incentive to continue my doorknocking and manning street stalls because I will have a good message to tell.


Dean Bridgfoot

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