The coming weeks will prove to be very important for the future of renewable energy in Australia.

With the Multi‐Party Committee on Climate Change nutting out the details of what the pollution price will look like, right now there is a real risk that with compensation for households, and dirty industry pusing hard for more and more exemptions, there will be nothing left for renewable energy in the pollution price deal.

This means that for those of us advocating for a clean energy future, now is the time we need to be saying loud and clear that we want  a price on pollution, and a fair go for renewable energy. 

Pricing pollution, investing the revenue back into renewable energy and introducing complementary measures like a national feed-in tariff, could see billions of dollars going into new renewables projects each year.

But its not going to happen without a big push from us now.

A recent poll of 1200 people showed that 87% of respondents want revenue raised by the price on pollution to be invested in renewable energy innovation, so we know the community is strongly behind us.

Now its time to turn that community sentiment into clear action.

Of course once legislation is decided there will still need to be a big effort to ensure it is passed. For now we need to be working hard over the next six weeks to ensure the pollution price package is a strong one well worth fighting for.

Thats why the 100% Renewable campaign is ramping up its activities with a national Make a Call on Renewables Day on the 16th of May, the National Doorknock to Unlock Clean Energy on the 28th of May, a national week of action from the 30th of May- 3 June,  and our ongoing effort to have 20,000 conversations running throughout.

To see what you can do to help the effort to see a fair go for renewables as part of a price on pollution vist:

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