AEMO 100% renewable grid modelling: policy tracker

This policy tracker is a resource for anyone interested in the development and progress of the AEMO 100% renewable energy grid modelling. We will regularly post updates with news and information about progress with the grid modelling, the different players involved, and 100% Renewable's perspectives and activities around AEMO's s role in helping Australia move to a 100% renewable energy future.


In June 2011, the Clean Energy Future package incorporated a committment that "the Government will ask AEMO to expand its planning scenarios to prepare for greater use of renewable energy. This will include further consideration of energy market and transmission planning implications of moving towards 100 per cent renewable energy."

This work provides an exciting opportunity for the best energy modelling experts in Australia, to envisage how an entirely renewable energy grid would work.

Our goal:

The 100% Renewable energy campaign would like to see AEMO:

  • publicly announce the details of its modelling work in the first quarter of 2012, with the work to be completed by November 2012.
  • complete modelling for a range of 100% renewable energy scenarios starting with 100% renewable energy by 2020

Updates and progress:

23 July 2012: Department of Climate Change announces the scope of the study for AEMO to complete by May 2013.

1 June 2012: Meeting and subsequent correspondence with Minister Ferguson's office refers campagin to recent senate estimate transcript (indicating  scoping document still not finalised - see page 120), and Minister Combet's office. Email sent to Minister Combet's office requesting follow up.
12 January 2012: Email from Government confirms that:
• Work is progressing on determining the scope of the work and that this will be completed in the first quarter of 2012. 
• Given this is a Commonwealth led project, SCER agreement on the terms and scope of the work is not necessary
• once the scope of the work is agreed this will be publicly available on DCC, DRET or AEMO's website.
• there will be no formal opportunities for the public to engage or provide input into the decisions around the scope of the work
11 December 2011: Campaign requests clarification of where AEMO progress is at, asking these questions of Ferguson, Combet and AEMO offices

9 December 2011: Standing Council on Energy and Resources (body who will direct AEMO to undertake modelling work) meets in Melbourne. No mention of 100% renewable grid modelling in subsequent SCER Communique


10 November 2011: Email from 100% Renewable campaign sent to Minister Ferguson's office asking for clarification of the status of the AEMO modelling. No response received.

November 2011: AEMO monthy newsletter mentions grid modelling work indicating "The ability to undertake modelling on the move towards 100 per cent renewable energy is beyond the current scope of the National Transmission Network Development plan (NTNDP) and we are currently awaiting direction of the scope of this work from the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism (DRET).”

26 October 2011: Matt Zema indicates in phone call he is awaiting direction from government before commencing work.

September 2011: 100% Renewable energy campaign meets with staff from Minister Feguson and Combet's office to ask about progress on AEMO modelling. Minister Combet's office confirms that DRET and AEMO have been in conversation about how to undertake the work and the next step will be to put the agreement about the work on the agenda of the next Standing Council on Energy and Resources meeting.

24 August 2011: 100% Renewable Campaign Coordinator met with Matt Zema, CEO of AEMO to discuss the modelling work and ask a series of questions about how AEMO will approach the work.

8 July 2011: 100% renewable energy grid modelling announced as part of the Clean Energy Future package.

Key decision makers

The details aound the grid modelling are currently being negotiated by AEMO and two government ministers. The COAG based Standing Council on Energy and Resources will also play a role in directing AEMO to undertake the work.

  • Matthew Zema, CEO Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
  • Martin Ferguson, Energy Minister
  • Greg Combet, Climate Change Minister
  • Standing Council on Energy and Resources


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If you have information you would like to share with us regarding the development or progress on the AEMO 100% grid modelling please email infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au.