Australian Renewable Energy Agency: policy tracker

This policy tracker is a resource for anyone interested in the development and progress of the newly forming Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). We will regularly post updates with news and information about the establishment of ARENA, the different players involved, and 100% Renewable's perspectives and activities around ARENA's role in helping us build big solar in Australia.


In July 2011 the establishment of the new Australian Renewable Energy Agency was announced as part of the Clean Energy Future package. ARENA will oversee $3.2billion worth of funding for renewable energy programs and projects, consolidating a wide range of existing programs into one single body.

The legislation to setup ARENA passed parliament in November 2011. In the first half of 2012 a new board will be appointed, with ARENA to be operational by 1 July 2012.

However, with Energy Minister Martin Ferguson holding responsibility for the appointment of the ARENA board there is community concern that the board could be dominated by interests with strong ties to the fossil fuel industry.  This concern has been prompted by the lack of appointment of any renewable energy experts by Minister Ferguson to the Energy White Paper reference group.

Our goal:

The 100% Renewable energy campaign would like to see ARENA:

  • Established by July 2012, with a board with strong credentials in investment, innovation and renewable energy. Appointees to the board should not be compromised by any conflict of interest, real or perceived, arising from links to the fossil fuel industry
  • In concert with the CEFC, announce 2000MW of big solar projects by the end of 2012, for delivery by end of 2015.
  • Support renewable energy projects only (no gas), and the development of community renewable energy projects

Campaign updates and progress:

23 December 2011: Delegates from Minister Fergusons electorate met with the Minister and asked for his public committment that the Board of ARENA will be made up of people with renewable energy backgrounds. Minister Ferguson says he "will guarantee at least one expert in 'clean energy' not necessarily renewable energy", [need links blog from Mack here about what was asked, the process and what was said]

December 2011:  Job description for ARENA Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial officer advertised.

7 November 2011: Legislation establishing ARENA passes parliament with bipartisan support. 

12 October 2011: Government media release annnouces ARENA legislation enters parliament.

8 July 2011: ARENA announced as part of the Clean Energy Future package.

Decision makers and influencers:

Energy minister Martin Ferguson - who will oversee the appointment of the board and establishment of ARENA

To be appointed.

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