The big solar poll

Let's Build Big SolarThe big solar poll is a people powered initiative to show 10,000 people across Australia what big solar looks like - and to hear people's views on whether Australia should be getting on with the job of building solar.

The solar poll will be run over four weekend days over 2 months, with the results to be taken to MP offices and to Parliament House in Canberra when  the new $10 billion Clean Energy Fund is being legislated.

The suggested national days of action are:

1. Campaign Launch: Saturday 3 March 2012
2. Saturday 18 March
3. Saturday 31 March
4. Saturday 14 April
5. Saturday 28 April
6. Final results due: Sunday 29 April

Taking part in the poll is easy, find all the resources you need below:

Step One:  Let your local MP know you are talking to their constituents.

Adapt the template letter to let your local MP know what you are doing. (If you sent your MP a letter about the launch, you won't need to send another one). Ask them if they have a message to share about their support for big solar with their local community. If you get a response from your MP please infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au (let us know).

Step Two: Plan your activity

Gather your people. Set a local target for how many people you plan to talk to and the dates you will go out. Choose some locations where there'll be lots of passers by and work out what you'll need to make an attractive looking street stall.

Step Three: Get your materials together

Download the scriptimage and FAQ sheet (here shortly) for the poll. You can also download posters, banners, flyers and other materials to make your stall look good from our resources page or order them online.

Step Four: Practice

Running through the poll beforehand can be useful, particularly if you have people who are polling for the first time. Even if you've done it before, it's useful to get familiar with this poll and get ready for any questions you may get.

Step Five: Set up your stall and do the poll.

Remember top tips for running a stall are to always smile and be friendly, ask questions to engage people initially, avoid getting in lengthy arguments, and of course remember to ask people to sign up to the supporter statement.

Step Six: Compile your results and enter them online.

After you've completed your polling, compile your results and add them to the national tally at this page.

Step Seven: Start using your results.

Put the local results into a report, get local media coverage, and take them along to your MP. You can adapt this template letter to your MP and template media release for this.

Then you are done! Have fun getting out there and sharing big solar images with people across the country!