End Polluter Handouts: 3-4 May 2013


Join in the 48 hours of action on May 3 and 4 – Help end polluter handouts in this year’s Federal Budget!

Thanks to the wonderful alliance of groups running the Paid to Pollute campaign we know that a large chunk of the $10 billion in Federal Government subsidies for fossil fuel companies is going to the mining industry.

In fact big mining companies are effectively getting a discount of 32c per litre for their fuel – at the expense of Aussie taxpayers!

We think this money could be much better spent (renewables anyone?). And the lead up to the May 14 Federal Budget is a good time to be pointing that out.

We want to make sure motorists know they are paying for mining industry subsidies. And we want Treasurer Wayne Swan to know that they know!

That’s why community members around the country have been heading to their local petrol stations with a large sign, some flyers and a camera. Here are some of the photos that we'll be passing on to Wayne Swan this week from folks in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Port Macquarie.





How you can get involved

Organise your own photo at a Shell petrol station near you anytime before Budget Eve on May 13.


  1. Identify a busy Shell petrol station in your area 
  2. Lock in a time and date - and let us know
  3. Rally some troops to meet you there
  4. Download and print materials – flyers and poster available for download and printing below OR email us to arrange to collect one of the big (1.8 x 1.2 metre) signs from a major city.
  5. Fill in and send off a media release based on the template downloadable below.


  1. Bring: Sign, flyers, camera (or meet local media photographer), and ideally a banner or T-shirts to show your group name and location in Australia
  2. Meet near the petrol station and position people for a photo next to the petrol price board in a place where lots of motorists will see you
  3. Take an awesome photo to get up the nose of the mining industry!
  4. Stay with the sign and hand out flyers to motorists (for approx.15 mins or as long as you like)
  5. Send the photo into 100% and get it onto social media

Let us know by clicking here if you want to organise your own petrol station action.

Contact taegenat100percent [dot] org [dot] au if you have any questions.


The flyer, which is downloadable below, looks like this:

And this is the back: