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Perhaps you’ve noticed the media talking a lot about a carbon price at the moment?  In fact if it weren’t for the Royal Wedding and the return of Masterchef, there wouldn’t be much else in your newspaper.

You might also have noticed that lots of attention on the pollution price it has been pretty negative. Industry has been crying poor and the "debate” is being hijacked by special interests and commentators who can only see our future in terms of a bit less coal and lots more gas.

This has meant our voice - the voice of those who want to see the pollution price negotiations deliver new renewable energy investment - has been drowned out.

There is an urgent need for those of us who want to see the pollution price package deliver new solar, geothermal and wave power to put this message back into the debate ourselves.

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100% Renewable is putting together this letter writing group so we can get our message that we need a fair go for renewale energy alongside the pollution price strongly into the media debate - and into pollies inboxes.

Our MPs are about to see the results of our 20,000 conversations and we will be calling on them to support a fair go for renewable energy alongside the pollution price. If they can see that the media is full of calls for the same, they will immediately see the benefit of getting behind our ask.

We are looking for people who want to be part of a group who can get this message out at this critical time.

We will be writing strategic letters to specific newspapers, some in your local area, some elsewhere and calling talkback radio. We'll also be writing letters to politicians . Our aim will be to let Australia know that while we need a price on polliution we also need to ensure that renewables gets a fair go.

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