Launch big solar in your community!

Let's Build Big Solar

Join with groups across Australia from Saturday 3 March to launch the Let's Build Big Solar campaign in your community.

Together, we'll be showing MP's our determination to see some real work begin on big solar plants this year.

Holding your own local launch is easy, just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Get your team ready. 
Read through the instructions below and discuss with your team what roles are required to make it happen and who will take each of them on. Roles might include media contact, recruitment, materials coordinator.

2. Choose your location and date.
Once you've decided your roles, you need to decide what location to have your launch at. You might choose a well known spot in your town, a park or even your MP office. You also need to decide your date. Many groups will launch on the 3rd of March, but there will also be local launches running throughout the month.

3. Get your big solar letters ready. Download the letters B I G  S O L A R ! here, print them out and create letters spelling out big "Big Solar!" You may wish to use old fridge or bike boxes, placards, or even plywood to make your signs.  You also need to think about where you will source costume/outfits to wear and tools to use on the day. You can buy Big Solar t-shirts here.

4. Recruit, recruit, recruit!
Call your friends and families and colleagues and invite them to come on the day. Make sure you tell them why its important for them to be there (your MP needs to see a good show your support from you community) - and make sure it will be fun so they'll want to come along!

5. Prepare your media release and call your local journos.
Adapt the template media release below. Send the release out to the local journalists, and make sure you follow up with a quick call. Journalists in local media always want stories but they are often very busy so need a call to check they've got your release. Ask them if they want to send a photographer, or they may ask you to provide a good quality photo (in which case you'll need to find a friend with a good camera to help)

6. Let your MP know what you're up to - you may even want to invite them for the event!
We've provided a letter to your MP for you to adapt below. Remember that what your MP will be interested in is what power or influence you have in your community so if you have many supporters mention it, if you don't make sure you let them know what other influence you have (eg. links to other community organisations). If you have a small list, building it may be something you need to work on for the next little while.

7. Gather on the day and dress your supporters, friends and family up in big solar work gear
You may want to send a reminder text message to the people you have coming along. Gather together at the landmark with your outfits and your tools (anyone got access to a scissor lift?!) You can buy large placards here or download and print some placards below.

8. Take a photo and celebrate! 
Once you have taken your photo of your community group 'building big solar' make sure you thank people, and celebrate (maybe with a picnic, coffee or beer in the nearby pub?)

9. After the event share the image far and wide.
infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au (Email your image) to the 100% campaign team and we'll put them together with Big Solar photos from all around the country. Send it to your local politician letting them know what you are up to. If your pollie has heard from you alot before maybe you want to consider sending the letter with someone else's name on it?

Images like these concentrate the minds of politicians. In meeting after meeting we've held, MPs have pored over dozens of photos like this one (right) from Sutherland CAN at our campaign launch in 2010. It shows them that real people care about renewable energy in places they'd never realised. It's an excellent first step in showing them our power.

For more information call:
Dean Bridgfoot on 0448 327 791