Let's Build Big Solar

Our goal:

To see Australia build its first stand alone solar thermal power station so that Australia finally starts to make the most of its abundant solar potential.

The background:

In the sunniest country in the world, solar power is the answer for Australia's energy needs. With the prices of solar PV dropping like a stone and solar thermal rolling out in countries around the world now is the time for Australia to get serious about big solar.

To drive Australia towards a 100% Renewable future, big solar needs to be at the heart of our energy system and thousands of Australians have come out to campaign for this to happen.


The big solar campaign to build Australia's first solar thermal power station with storage is an ongoing priority campaign for 100% Renewable.

Our activities:

But for the back story, here's a quick wrap up of what's happened with the campaign since it kicked off in early 2012...

Big Solar Boot Camp

Big Solar Boot Camp

In February, over 100 campaigners from around Australia came together as a team to build skills, learn about big solar and practice engaging their communities. 

Read all about how the bootcamp went off like a cracker here!






Launching around Australia 

Local groups around the country got straight to work, holding campaign launches in their own suburbs and towns around the country. They were bright and colourful events that generated plenty of media interest.

Check out the photos of these inspiring events here.




Taking it to the streets

Hundreds of campaign supporters spoke face to face to over 8,000 people in their communities about big solar. Another 4,000 people completed the Big Solar poll online.

Our volunteers found overwhelming support on the streets for the idea that Australia should be doing more to harness the sun for our energy.

The results were compiled into a report we presented to politicians in our Canberra Lobby Day.

Sunny meets and greets 

Our solar mascot, Sunny, appeared all over the country to greet politicians and make sure they heard the big solar message. He met plenty of MPs in plenty of fun situations.

A big congratulations to those supporters who stepped up to the challenge of donning the suit and fearlessly making a spectacle of themselves. 





Canberra Lobby Day

In May we took the community support for big solar to the place where it counts - the offices of our political leaders. Thirty community leaders from across Australia converged on Parliament House, Canberra for a day of training, followed by an inspiring day with over 50 meetings

There were more than a few surprises to be found inside the corridors of power! 

Walking in SOLARdarity

The Repower Port Augusta alliance staged a hurculean 300 km, two week Walk for Solar from Port Augusta to Adelaide to build support for Australia's first solar thermal power plant in Port Augusta.

Twenty 100% Renewable groups joined the fray, doing their own walks for solar in their own towns and showing their own flair and style. 


From here:

Through 2013 and 2014 100% Renewable will continue to work to ensure that solar thermal becomes a major part of Australia's energy mix. Stay tuned for more information on how to next get involved..


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