Letters to editors and calling talkback

In the upcoming days and weeks there is going to be a dedicated campaign by Abbott, the Coalition and big industry groups such as the Australian Coal Association, to try to wind back any support for renewable energy coming from the carbon price. 

This means its going to be important for people like us and our groups to stand up for action for renewable energy.

Letters to the editor and calling talk back are one of the best ways we can directly challenge the Oppositions negative campaign.

Below are some talking points for you to use in your letters and calls

  • Renewable energy poses a huge opportunity for Australia as it means news jobs and investment as well as a move to cleaner safer sources of power that will never run out
  • The carbon price package delivers more than $10 billion of new funding for renewable energy over 5 years which is a great result for Australia and for <your local area?>
  • Renewable energy is also the only source of power that gets cheaper the more we install and therefore the best way to manage rising energy costs
  • If the Coalition really cared about the cost of living they would be getting serious about renewable energy and not blocking these measures
  • If the National Party really cared about regional development they'd be getting behind this package cause it means news jobs and regional development for thier constitiuents
  • We cannot let those who make billions of dollars a year pumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere cry poor and destroy this opportunity to transition Australia to a renewable energy future.
  • Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world, with great wind resources and long coastlines - we should be leading the world in the development of renewable energy. These new measures will help us regain our place as a world leader.

The opponents of renewable energy will be out in full force in talkback, so here are some numbers you can call to take them on live on air:


2UE(954AM, Syd) 13 13 32 Listen live: www.2ue.com.au

2GB(873AM, Syd) 131 873 Listen live: www.2gb.com

3AW(693AM, Melb) 03 9690 0693 Listen live: www.3aw.com.au

MTR(1377AM, Melb) 131 873 Listen live: www.mtr1377.com

4BC(1116AM, Bris) 13 13 32 Listen live: www.4bc.com.au

And the email addresses for letters to the editor:


Newspaper: The Australian
Letters to the Editor: lettersattheaustralian [dot] com [dot] au

Newspaper: Australian Financial Review
Letters to the Editor: edlettersatafr [dot] com [dot] au


Newspaper: The Age
Letters to the Editor: lettersattheage [dot] com [dot] au

Newspaper: Herald Sun
Letters to the Editor: hslettersatheraldsun [dot] com [dot] au

Newspaper: Sunday Herald Sun
Letters to the Editor: shslettersatsundayheraldsun [dot] com [dot] au


Newspaper: Sydney Morning Herald
Letters to the Editor:  lettersatsmh [dot] com [dot] au

Newspaper: The Daily Telegraph
Letters to the Editor: yoursayatdailytelegraph [dot] com [dot] au


Newspaper: The Courier Mail
Letters to the Editor: cmlettersatqnp [dot] newsltd [dot] com [dot] au

South Australia

Newspaper: The Advertiser
Letters to the Editor: adveditatadv [dot] newsltd [dot] com [dot] au
Sunday Mail Letters to the Editor: maileditatadv [dot] newsltd [dot] com [dot] au

Western Australia

Newspaper: The West Australian
Letters to the Editor: lettersatwanews [dot] com [dot] au


Newspaper: The Mercury
Letters to the Editor: mercuryedletteratdbl [dot] newsltd [dot] com [dot] au


Newspaper: The Canberra Times
Letters to the Editor: letters [dot] editoratcanberratimes [dot] com [dot] au