Make a call on renewable energy

In coming weeks our political leaders will be making decisions that will profoundly affect the face of Australia's energy future.

A strong deal to price pollution with measures to boost investment in renewable energy, could see new renewables projects popping up across the country, while a weak deal that over-compenates polluting industry risks locking in a high pollution future.

Right now there is a critical need for our decision makers to hear from us - the community - about what kind of energy future we want.

One of the most powerful ways we can tell our politicians what we want is to ring and tell them what we want! Politicians offices don't get as many phone calls as you might think so each and every call we make can make a big difference.

Can you call the members of the Multiparty Committee to tell them why its important to you that the pollution price delviers for renewables?

We've provided the phone numbers for key decision makers along with some talking points to make when you call below.

Talking points:

  • Tell them who you are and where you are from and why you care about this issue
  • I support your efforts to put a price on pollution, however a price on pollution alone is not sufficient to drive new investment in renewable energy
  • To see a shift to a clean renewable energy complementary measures are essential
  • All carbon price revenue should be used to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as compensate low-income households
  • Such revenue could be used to fund a national fair go for renewables bill - a feed-in tariff for small, medium and large scale renewable energy projects - or other similar measure
  • There is high community support for investment in renewable energy. A recent poll of 12000 people showed that 87 per cent wanted revenue from the price on pollution to be invested in renewable energy innovation
  • It's critical renewable energy gets a fair go in the pollution price deal - what are you doing to ensure a fair go for renewables as part of your effort to price pollution?

Politician contact details:

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet
Canberra office: (02) 6277 7920
Electorate office: (02) 4954 2611
Email: greg [dot] combet [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Mr. Tony Windsor MP (Independent)
Canberra office: (02) 6277 4722
Electorate office: (02) 6761 3080
Email: Tony [dot] Windsor [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Mr. Rob Oakeshott MP (Independent)
Canberra  office: (02) 6277 4052
Electorate office: (02) 6584 2911
Email: robert [dot] oakeshott [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Canberra office: (02) 6277 7700
Electorate office: (03) 9742 5800
Email: Please fill in this email form ‐‐your‐pm

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan
Canberra office: (02) 6277 7340
Electorate office: (07) 3266 8244
Email: Wayne [dot] Swan [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Senator Christine Milne (Australian Greens)

Canberra office: (02) 6277 3063
Electorate office: (03) 6224 8899
Email: senator [dot] milneataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Senator Bob Brown (Australian Greens)
Canberra office: (02) 6277 3170
Electorate office: (03) 6224 3222
Email: senator [dot] bob [dot] brownataph [dot] gov [dot] au

Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus

(Member assisting)
Canberra office: (02) 6277 4305
Electorate office: (03) 9769 1955
Email: isaacsatmarkdreyfus [dot] com

Mr. Adam Bandt MP (Australian Greens, Member assisting)
Canberra  office: (02) 6277 4775
Electorate office: (03) 9642 0922
Email: adam [dot] bandt [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au

And don't forget to call your local representative too! For a full list of contact details see: