Make a picture submission to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The expert review panel on the design of the new renewable energy funding body– the Clean Energy Finance Corporation - has made a request for submissions on how this new body can help overcome barriers to the development of renewable energy in Australia.

Now many of us know that submissions can take a lot of time. You want to get the wording right, the correct facts, all the policy details correct... you struggle to get it in on time, and then wonder how much impact you made.

Yet if you don’t make a submission you worry that the big polluters will swamp the process and be the only voices heard on the issue. What we end up with is people who are keen to see a good outcome putting way too much of their precious time into these processes, or worse, not making a submission at all!

To overcome that, this year we want to get our message across in a clear and simple way.

We want to send in submissions that give a clear picture… not on the details that are policy geekdom’s domain, but about what the community actually wants the new money to deliver. And what better way to do that than with a picture? As they say a pictures worth a thousand words...

Make a picture submission in 5 easy steps. Simply:

1. Download your favourite big solar image word document below (there are 3 to chose from)
2. Add your own message to the text box in the document and save it on your computer
3. Attach that document and email it as your submission to cefcattreasury [dot] gov [dot] au. Include a short message with your name, suburb and state in the email.
4. CC in the key political decision makers:
greg [dot] combet [dot] mpataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Wayne [dot] Swan [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Martin [dot] Ferguson [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Tony [dot] Abbott [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
J [dot] Hockey [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Andrew [dot] Robb [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au
Greg [dot] Hunt [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au

and your local MP so that they know people out there want big solar.
(If you don’t know your local MP email address find it here).
5. BCC us in too infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au (we would love to keep a track of how many submissions have been sent in)

Do it before 5:00 pm AEDT on 8 December 2011!