National Doorknock to Unlock Clean Energy

On Saturday 28th of May local community groups around Australia will be heading out as part of Australia's first ever National Doorknock to Unlock Clean Energy!

For many of us heading out of the safety of our loungerooms and onto others doorsteps takes us well out of our comfort zones, but talking to others in the community and letting our political decision makers know what they are saying is one of the best ways we can hear ensure the community voice gets heard. 

And to be honest its not so hard after all... As Jo from Ryde Gladesville in Sydney's North said after her first doorknocking effort: "You know, I didn't expect to be a door knock fan... I thought it would so much easier in a group at the shopping centre, but now im a convert.  They are my neighbours. I am their neighbour and not selling encyclopedias and most people are on side, cooperative and pleased we are there"

So the simple steps for pulling your doorknock together are:

1. Decide your doorknock venue and make your last minute recruits!

Your first step is to decide the time and venue you will meet and head out dooknocking. You may wish to start at the office of your MP, like Liz coordinating the doorknock in Tony Abbott's seat, or at a community space - even a local cafe would work.

Once you've decided on the details you need to get people involved. Have a friend or family member who might help with the doorknock? A quick and friendly phone call is the best way to invite people. Make sure you ask everyone you talk to if there is someone else they could bring along to help.

Tell them there will be training - and that they'll be taking part in the biggest ever survey done on renewable energy in Australia! Make sure you send the details in email and do a round of confirmation calls the day before.

2. Tell your local media and the pollies

Its important to make sure you're community knows what's going on and local media is always interested in new things happening in the local area.

See below for a tempate media release to adapt and use for your local newspaper and radio - make sure you follow up sending this out with a round of phone calls to your local journalists.

It's also important to let your local member of parliament know what you are doing so shoot them an email at the same time. Letting the members of the Climate Committee know you are heading out too would hurt either.

3. Prep your maps, materials & order tshirts

You can find all the survey materials you need below. Print off a flyer for your local group or the 100% flyer and tabs below. Use googlemaps or another map function to select areas of housing you'll be doorknocking, and highlight the different areas for different doorknock pairs.

If you don't yet have 100% t-shirts or stickers but would like to order some for the day you can do that online here:

4. On the day - meet, train up and take a photo

On the day of the dooknock it's important to meet beforehand and have a quick training sesssion to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident. Its good to start with an intro, share your names and why people decided to come, and then get cracking with a read through and role play. Then divvy up your materias and away you go!

Don't forget to take a photo of your group as you head out. Lots of groups will be taking photos as part of the national 'yes week of action' reading 'we say YES to renewable energy'. These photos will be uploaded on the 100% facebook page and can be sent to your local paper and politician.

5. Doorknock, debrief and celebrate

Make sure everyone knows what time to return and to where. Once everyone is back have a quick check  in- how many conversations did you have in total? any funny stories? what went well? what would  you do differently next time? Celebrate your success!

Then a barbie or picnic or beer in the local pub will be a good way to continue celebrating being part of Australia's biggest community renewable energy doorknock ever!

6. Enter your results!

After your doorknock is complete find a volunteer to collate and upload your results here: here.

On the 8th of June the local community group in Armidale will be presenting the survey results at a community forum in the seat of Independent Tony Windsor - and then mid-June they will be tabled in parliament by Rob Oakeshott.

Don't forget to share your results with your local paper and member of parliament either.

Together our conversation efforts will create a groundswell of community support this year that cannot be ignored!