RAPID RESPONSE: Ask Senior Libs to accept CEFC briefing

Hello rapid responders,

You may have seen that yesterday the Clean Energy Finance Corporation expert panel released their recommendations on the form and function of the exciting new $10 billion body. While we’ll be sharing a more detailed policy analysis soon, you can see our high level response here.

Given the Opposition’s recent negativity on renewable energy it wasn’t a surprise that Greg Hunt
went on radio this morning and railed against the CEFC. What was a surprise was learning that Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb haven’t even bothered to take up an offer of a briefing from CEFC Chair, Jillian Broadbent, on how the CEFC will run.

As Broadbent herself put it - “It’s a long term journey to adjust to a carbon-constrained world and the Opposition doesn’t seem to have much appetite to take too many steps towards it.”

That Jillian Broadbent has offered Hunt, Hockey and Robb a briefing on the CEFC provides us with  great opportunity to press the Coalition members into not ignoring this important body.

Today we’ve gone ahead and organised a number of activities in response including letters to the paper, an action at Greg Hunt's office and calls to Liberals in marginal seats from their constituents.

But the offer of the CEFC briefing is still current. Can you email the offices of Hockey, Robb and Hunt and ask that they accept the offer of a briefing on the CEFC?

Things you could ask and talking points you could use are:
(REMEMBER emails like this are far more powerful if you put them in your own words)

  1. I heard this morning on radio that you’ve ignored an offer of a briefing on the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. I’m very disturbed that you and your party have so politicised this process that you won’t even engage with positive policy ideas like the CEFC.
  2. I’m concerned that the coalition has nothing new to offer for renewable energy.
  3. Programs like the CEFC have been successful around the world - the US Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office has given out $34.7 billion of loans and created 60,000 jobs. I’d prefer the coalition talked about successes like this. Germany’s KFW bank is another.
  4. Can you get in touch with Jillian Broadbent and accept the offer of a briefing?
  5. Once you’ve attended the briefing, can you make a public statement on what you found out? I plan to let Fran Kelly know if you have taken up this offer. If you still don’t support the new body, can you let me know why?
  6. I am very sceptical of your current views on the body when you haven’t even taken the time to find out how it will be set up.

The emails to send this to are:
"Joe Hockey" <J [dot] Hockey [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au>, "Andrew Robb" <Andrew [dot] Robb [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au>, "Greg Hunt" <Greg [dot] Hunt [dot] MPataph [dot] gov [dot] au>,

Then can you let us know what they say?

We will support you by contacting Fran Kelly’s show and letting them know we are running this action and asking them to report back to their listeners on whether these three have bothered to raise themselves from their chairs to learn about how the CEFC will actually work.

Thanks very much for being able to respond at such short notice at a critical time like this. Sometimes it’s a big ask, we know, but being timely as well as persistent is all a part of building a campaign over time.

Cheers, Andrew.