RAPID RESPONSE: Govt scraps coal promise, big solar at risk

HazelwoodYou may have heard that the Energy Minister Martin Ferguson today announced the government is walking away from its commitment to shut down 2000MW of Australia's dirtiest coal fired power stations.

This announcement will make Repowering Port Augusta with solar thermal much more difficult and will entrench coal power in Australia for years to come. It is a failure of the government to deliver on a key promise in the carbon price package.

We urgently need the government to know that the community is angry, and there will be there a building campaign to redirect the $5.5 billion of compensation promised to the coal companies into a "Contracts for Construction" program to build big solar if the government does not re-start negotiations.

Will you call the Prime Minister and your local ALP MP to tell them they need to honour their commitment, close coal and build big solar in Port Augusta?

Lots of phone calls is one clear way politicians can tell what people care about so a phone call or email today will see a very clear message that we want big solar not coal. Calling a politician is not as hard as it sounds, all you need to do is:

1. Phone the Prime Minister on: (02) 6277 7700
Or email her at: http://www.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm
2. Then if you are in an ALP held seat call your local Federal MP.
You will find a list of numbers to call here

We've provided a few key talking points to make it easy.

Message for the PM and local members

  • I am extremely disappointed that the government has today walked away from its commitment to close 2000MW of polluting coal fired power
  • This puts at risk a major opportunity to start replacing coal with solar at places like Port Augusta, and to transition to a clean energy future in places like Hazelwood.
  • The government needs to go back to the negotiations immediately and recommit to shutting our dirtiest coal fired power stations
  • If the government does not restart negotiations there is no justification for the $5.5 billion of compensation being given to coal companies
  • There will be a huge community campaign to ensure this money is redirected towards a "Contracts for Construction" process to build big solar in places like Port Augusta

Once you have made your call please send a quick email to infoat100percent [dot] org [dot] au letting us know how you got on.

Thanks for showing your support once again for renewable energy,

National Campaign Coordinator