Your big win on renewable energy PLUS response action kit!

Well by now you'll have seen the big announcement about the carbon price and big win for renewable energy contained within the package! Congratulations to all of you on this historic day!

Today, thanks to your tireless work in local communities we have won a fantastic outcome for renewable energy with new money, new independent bodies and the energy regulator to develop a plan for how the grid can deliver 100% renewable energy!

You can find all the details on this great win below but in keeping with the action-orientated nature of our campaign - and because the Opposition, polluters and others have already gone out fighting against these measures - we now need to make sure we respond!

Please find attached an action kit to help you respond to this announcement in your community. It contains a template local media release for you to adapt as well as a checklist to make sure you've covered off all the important next steps, like reporting back to your supporters, communicating your views to your MPs, and importantly, celebrating this win!

In the meantime letters to the editor and calls to talk back this afternoon and tomorrow will be important to show a strong community response in favour of these renewable energy measures (remember to send your letters in before 10am if possible!).

And again a win like this simply would not have happened with out huge effort and pressure from grassroots groups over many months. Of course we know that we've still got a long way to go to get to a truly low carbon 100% renewable energy powered future but today we've made a good step towards that, so please take a moment to pat yourself on the back.

We'll be back in touch with further info on next steps for the coming months in the next few days.

The wins for renewable energy
Australian Renewable Energy Agency

  • A new independent statutory body called ARENA is being created to support research, development, commercialisation and demonstration of renewable energy - this will start up immediately
  • ARENA rolls together all of the random ad-hoc existing renewable energy programs into one coherent body, with funding to the  tune of $3.2billion to 2019 - this will provide more
  • Administration of this Agency is being removed from Martin Ferguson and will be overseen by an independent board, removing the political (a very good thing!)
  • There is no new money for the agency at this stage, but a yet to be determined % of compensation will go to this fund over time and it will also gain revenue from any profits made in the clean energy finance corp (below)

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

  • This corporation to be set up in 2013 will oversee the distribution of loan-guarantee and other measures
  • It will have $10b over 5 years, at least half of which is quaratined for renewable energy (likely large scale solar) and the other half which will be accessible to renewable too
  • Clean coal will be excluded from support from the corporation.

Planning for a 100% renewable energy grid

  • The energy regulator has been asked to do planning work on how we can develop a grid for renewable energy


Our media release

The community 100% Renewable Campaign has today welcomed the renewable energy commitments delivered by the carbon price package and called for them to be rolled out as soon as possible.

"When you combine the new additional funding, the independent governance structures and the planning for a 100% renewable energy grid, you can see that the Multi Party Committee has been serious about setting a course for a renewable energy-powered future for Australia,” said Lindsay Soutar, Campaign Coordinator for 100% Renewable Energy."

"Funding for renewable energy has been a political football for too long. Now that these measures have been announced it is imperative we get moving and see the money start flowing as soon as possible."

In particular we are pleased to see:

  • guaranteed funding for $5 billion over 5 years for renewable energy from carbon price revenue for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, with the option of tendering into an additional $5 billion stream;
  • The creation of the new independent body, ARENA, to oversee renewable energy funding at arm’s length from government;
  • The commencement of planning by the Australian Energy Market Operator for our electricity grid to operate with 100% Renewable energy.

"Renewable energy is the only source of power that gets cheaper the more we install, so establishing these bodies should be welcomed by all Australians worried about rising energy prices."

“These measures will also mean many new jobs and investment in renewable energy, new regional development opportunities and a move towards cleaner air and water and safer, healthier communities."

“We are delighted that the Multi Party Committee has heard the call from the community for renewable energy."

“Together with many other community groups, we have campaigned hard for this kind of outcome and look forward to seeing this strong beginning built further into the future."

Lindsay Soutar, 0411 098 853
Andrew Bray, 0421 379 646